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As the world feels increasingly chaotic and uncertain, I believe in the need for a return to a more natural state. To this end, I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Coach in early 2020, with complementary diplomas in Reiki, yoga theory, and Health & Nutrition.


Additionally, my philosophy doctorate was an exploration in how metaphor and symbolism can influence human perception, which is a subject that very much interests me and informs my work with clients today.


I also believe wholly in the power of human creativity to heal and connect people. In this, I practise photography, design and craft, which are skills that have helped me through many challenging times, and so are skills I'm enthusiastic to share.

Please get in touch to discuss your own wellbeing goals and to see how complementary therapies can help. You can also read further about Hypnotherapy in my blog article, 'Why Hypnotherapy?' on the process and practice of therapeutic hypnosis. 

Wishing you joy and prosperity ahead,


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