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Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is a complete shift in a person's perceptions, wherein dormant/repressed parts of the brain open up and old belief systems are shed. This can be accompanied by very difficult physical symptoms. It can also take years for a person's energy to settle and for them to reintegrate socially, as life becomes more fulfilling yet simpler and material attachments dissolve. 

There is no framework for an awakening in Western culture. So, if you believe that you are going through a spiritual crisis or 'emergence' and would like someone to talk to, please get in touch. Alternatively, the Spiritual Crisis Network UK has volunteers who may be able to help. 

Butterfly Collage


  • Use the chakra system as a framework, but not as though climbing a ladder, with the goal of attaining the next level, but as an holistic approach to all parts of your life.

  • Use grounding techniques, sport, art & craft, etc., as opposed to meditation, if your energy becomes erratic or your inner child is let loose!

  • Seek authentic teachers and like-minded souls who will understand what you're going through.

  • Embrace change, because resistance only prolongs the pain and limbo of comfort zones.

  • Above all, start to see yourself differently. See your worth and the talents you have. You are completely unique.

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